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Hes one of the bottom 4 dropouts due to his violent temper and inability to read kanji without furigana attached to them. Shou is a firstyear student in the voice acing department. Seiyu academy is a shojo manga series by maki minami. The seiyuu cast is the same as in the anime which are listed below. However, after hearing hime do the princes role he becomes quite interested in scouting her as well.

Unfortunately the person they find has certain requirements to be able to work. The 2nd drama cd for seiyuu ka has been shipped out to those who ordered it and. The cd features the seiyuu who performed in the anime, as well as a few other seiyuu to support the characters who didnt exist in the anime. This cd covers the events that happened in chapters 20 and 22. Are strongly recomended to download the last version from win rar to unzip the files from this site. When hime was a child, sakura helped her by covering an ice cream stain on himes dress, calling her a genuine princess.

He often checks out the voice acting department to scout new talent. Audio drama drama cdseiyuu, page 3 talk about bl drama cds and seiyuus here. Its a journal that contains summaries of the works by minami maki. The first cd covers until right before rintarou graduates.

Background shiawase kissa 3choume was published in english by tokyopop from december 29, 2009 to may 3, 2011, until the company went out of business with only eight volumes released. The volume begins with the stragglers planning their next lunchtime broadcast. Mamoru miyano, miyano mamoru, born june 8, 1983 is a japanese actor, voice actor and singer from saitama prefecture. Read the topic about do you listen to drama cds or other sort. She is affectionately referred to by her fellow voice actors and fans as ayachii. Can anyone tell me where to download danshi koukousei hajimete no series 11 and 12. Hiroshi kamiya, kamiya hiroshi, born january 28, 1975 is a japanese voice actor, singer and narrator affiliated with aoni production. I believe it required the purchase of the last 2 volumes of lala or the lala special feat. Anime soundtrack, anime soundtrack free download, lagu anime online, ost info, anime opening and ending songs download, download mp3 ost anime jepang, download ost anime lengkap, download musik anime, anime song download, ost anime, soundtrack anime terbaik, japan ost download, download lagu anime full album rar terlengkap. I adore this series its easily one of my favorite bl mangas and the drama cds are just as good. He is a producer for ggc production, and the producer of the popular idol unit aqua. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading voice over. Ameiro paradox 2 drama cd 2cd download rar archive.

She dreams of becoming the voice of the main character in one of the most popular series in japan, magic fighter lovely blazers. So of course i was going to pick up a manga about seiyuu. Kino hime is a 15year old girl who just started her first year in a high school for voice actors seiyuu called hiiragi academy. So if youre looking for summaries of special a, seiyuu ka. This cd is not for sale, it was only available in the hana to yume issue. The second drama cd was included in the hana to yume magazine that was released on may 30, 2010. The 2nd drama cd for seiyuu ka has been shipped out to those who ordered it and now its up for yahoo auction. An englishlanguage translation of the manga is licensed in north america by the viz.

I had fun reading this because there are some funny moments. Baby baby sayonara feat ka kakeru asanuma shintaro shining ray. Kageyamas voice actor yasumoto hiroki actually has become a regular reader and fan of saezuru over the time. Gate, skip beat, durarara, death note, soul eater, wolfs rain, ouran high school host club, ajin. All present translation entries, drama cd download entries, and volume extra entries have been. May i request to reupload cd 1 and cd 2 for ze series here in new blog. This drama cd was released to commemorate the release of the first tankobon edition of seiyu ka a second limited drama cd was subsequently released in commemoration of the publishing of the 2nd tankobon volume. An audio drama cd adapting scenes from the first volume of given was included with the.

Audio drama drama cdseiyuu, page 2 talk about bl drama cds and seiyuus here. Kizu natsuki givun, noitaminahatsu to naru bl manga no animeka sakuhin ni. I finally got a hold of the 2nd seiyuu ka drama cd. Hiyo robysan, i was wondering if the drama cd for hana wa saku ka is.

Sakura aoyama is a successful actress who started out as a voice actress for the shojo anime series mahou senshi lovely blazers. Two drama cd adaptations of the series were released on january, 25 and october 24, 2007, respectively. Club details, pictures, comments and club discussions can be viewed by any user, regardless of whether they are a member of the club or not. Keiji fujiwara, fujiwara keiji, october 5, 1964 april 12, 2020 was a japanese actor and voice actor. In actuality, he visits simply to check up on senri and tries to convince him to join his newest production.

Ayako kawasumi, kawasumi ayako, born march 30, 1976 is a japanese voice actress and singer. The story is the first chapters when hime meets senri, along with shiros. Audio drama drama cdseiyuu, page 6 talk about bl drama cds and seiyuus here. Hes the fifthgeneration leader of the bloody alliance of kanto. The second one takes place where both kaede and rintarou are living with each other. He is often called boss, leader, and general by hime. He is best known for the voice of choromatsu matsuno in osomatsusan, takashi natsume in natsume yujin cho, akashi seijuro in kurokos basketball, levi ackerman in attack on titan, mephisto. Audio drama drama cdseiyuu talk about bl drama cds and seiyuus here. See drama cd for extra information including context, cast, and release dates. The manga also received two drama cd adaptations on january 20, 2010 and on may 30, 2010. When acting, she often forgets herself and the only way to stop her is with a scene board. Im freaking out right now someone make it available to download btw, heres the cast for this one. Watashi ga motete dousunda drama cd by phoenixalia on. This is a good story to pass my time before i start to concentrate on my final exam.

Fifteenyearold hime kino has started her first year of high school at a seiyuu or voice actor school, hiiragi academy, the number one school to get voice actors debuted and among the students are celebrities, including two teen idols. For this they need a bit of outside help from someone in the visual arts department. Watashi ga motete dousunda drama cd track 01chapter 1. The cd was released as a part of the special zenin to celebrate the end of the series. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. It wasnt hard to figure out where this story was starting off from.

Volume second drama cd 2 feb 2016 the main characters in the cd are. The voice cast remains the same as in the first drama cd, and includes two new cast members, jun fukuyama and kana hanazawa. He looks like a delinquent with black spikey hair and red eyes. I already know the ins and outs of how to become a seiyuu and what it means to voice act in japan. This drama cd was released to commemorate the release of the first stand alone edition of seiyu ka this cd is not for sale, it was only available in the hana to yume issue. Please note that some information below was taken from the seiyuu ka. Download ost anime update, download full album japan pop, download lagu anime terbaru, best free download anime ost opening and ending mp3 songs top.

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