Telltale batman episode 2 not working

The telltale series is a 2016 episodic pointandclick graphic. The telltale series season pass disc not working xbox one i have been unable to download episodes 25 for batman. In episode 2 of the batman shadows edition season 1, after bruce beats the thugs with selina in the bar, and then you can choose whether to kiss her or not, and bruce decides to go after the mayor hill, it gives you a choice whether to go after him as batman or bruce wayne, and its written below the images to click to confirm the choice, but when i do it nothing happens. I just finished it tonight and noticed that the episode 1, chapter 2 achievement didnt unlock. With gotham citys first family mired in corruption, and an old friend now a dangerous adversary, the life of the dark knight is turned upside down. Probably because i grabbed episode 1 for free at some point. In this gritty and violent new story from the awardwinning creators of the walking dead a telltale games series, youll make discoveries that will shatter bruce waynes world, and the already fragile stability of a corrupt gotham city. There are no problems with episode 1, but the other 4 episodes are not in my download queue, ready to install list or in the ingame menu. Batman the telltale series episode 3 xbox one season pass not. I pressed install on my devices and saw it installing on my xb1. However, the other episodes do not automatically show up in my download queue, they dont show up in my ready to install list, and they wont allow me to download them for free within the ingame episodes menu.

Its still annoying that this keeps occurring with telltale releases though especially when they have. Does anyone know of a fix from this that has experienced the same issue. Download batman the telltale series and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad. In episode 2 of the batman shadows edition season 1, after bruce beats.

Batman the telltale series wont let me download episodes 2. Go to playstation store, find each episode separately not the whole season pass, and it will say download free because you already bought it, so download it. The disc allows me to download episode 1 and the season pass. Telltale series not downloadinginstalling games with. Ive bought the physical edition of the game with the season pass on disc. With my issues is that my batman season 2 is patched. The telltale series on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled episode 2 not showing up to download.

There are no problems with episode 1, but the other 4 episodes are not in my download queue, ready to. Im very happy they allow you to have the first episode for free as i would not. The telltale series season one second episode full walkthrough with all important choices and consequences season 1 episode 2. Dlc called batmanthetelltaleseriesepisode2childrenofarkhamdisc. The telltale series jacksepticeye guardian of gotham batman. City of light if you are experiencing performance issues, you. Telltale achievements not unlocking xbox one xbox one. At least we are getting episode 3, the xbox 360 version hasnt even received episode 2 yet. Lol i should add that i can play episode 2 but for episode 1 it still asking for language patch.

Batman the enemy within problem telltale community. All catwoman outcomes vigilante vs villain telltale batman the enemy within episode 5 choices duration. Selina in the bar, and then you can choose whether to kiss her or not. I have been unable to download episodes 2 5 for batman. If this isnt working still for anyone try this it worked for me. Hold the power button on your xbox for 1015 seconds. That being said i think i am 480500 for the walking dead season 2 on the 360 because one of the chapter achievements didnt. Batman character, though not tied to any previous adaptation of the work in film or other media. There are many problems with telltale games when using a season pass with the free episode version. Enter the fractured psyche of bruce wayne and discover the powerful and farreaching consequences of your choices as the dark knight. Batman the telltale series episode 3 is not letting me. When i download episode 2, when its about 99 or 100% the game crashes, and then when i. The game tells me i have purchased but not downloaded episodes 2 5, when i. Because i just got batman the telltale series and when i press x to.

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