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Im hosting this months neighborhood book club meeting, which means, among other things, that i got to choose the book. Published in 2012, whered you go, bernadette is a fictional novel made into a major motion picture august 2019. The story follows the main character, bee branch, as she pieces together emails, letters and other documents to try to find her mother, bernadette fox, who has gone missing. Whered you go, bernadette is told from the point of view of a daughter trying to find her missing mother. Reading guide for whered you go, bernadette by maria semple. Look out for jojos new book, paris for one and other stories, available now. Whered you go, bernadette, published in 2012, is the second novel by maria semple, a former television writer who worked on shows such as mad about you and arrested development. Is your book club is looking to dig into the comic mystery of where d you go, bernadette.

The plot revolves around an agoraphobic architect and mother named bernadette fox, who goes missing prior to a family trip to antarctica. A communitybased version of the writingreading connection is the book club a place where all types of people gather to discuss books. Whered you go bernadette has much talk about antarctica, the coldest, windiest, driest desert continent on earth. The song of bernadette 1943, featuring jennifer jones, tells of the life of bernadette soubirous, the young visionary of lourdes. Whered you go, bernadette by maria semple goodreads. It began when bee aced her report card and claimed her promised reward. I wouldve given up on it if not for a reading buddy who pushed me to stick it out. The members of real simples online no obligation book club discuss maria semples epistolary novel. But we know that when were done, were going to be jonesing for more of that same warm, quirky humor. Whered you go bernadette book club guide and discussion. Divers wear three layers of gloves focuses on why so many not only have a fascination with this uninhabitable place but dedicate their work and use it as their source.

Bee branch is the daughter of an executive at microsoft and her mother is a former awardwinning architect. Whered you go, bernadette is a brilliantly conceived tale of suburbia, and how the minor setbacks of everyday can turn into major disasters. Its a fun and quick read that brings to mind several questions, although none of them are very deep. Thanks to everyone who participated in our virtual book club which i introduced here. August 24, 2012 comedy writer maria semples latest, whered you go, bernadette, follows 15yearold bee as she tracks down her mother, bernadette, who disappeared on the eve of a family trip. Whered you go, bernadette, a maria semple novel the. If you are, or were, a microsoft employee or in the high tech industry, if you have ever been in a parent pickup line at your childs school, if you know, or are, a neurotic parent, if you have lived in or fantasized about living in seattle, then you will chuckle while reading whered you go bernadette book. The tightly constructed whered you go, bernadette is written in many formats emails, letters, f. Jonathan franzen, author of freedombrilliant, hilarious, endlessly inventive, and compulsively readable, whered you go, bernadette grabs you by the collar and. We all lose what we love at some point, but in her poignant, funny way, moyes reminds us that even if its not always happy, there is an. Of course you can say that about every book ever published, but that goes double here. A site dedicated to book lovers providing a forum to discover and share commentary about the books and authors they enjoy. Above all things by tanis rideout book club discussion. Whered you go bernadette is a novel by author maria semple.

Read whered you go, bernadette a novel by maria semple available from rakuten kobo. What light does it shed on the bond between bernadette and bee. Has this book changed how you think about the subject. Where d you go bernadette by maria semple book club. With book clubs, we create space to discuss what weve discovered in books, enjoy food and drink, and consider what wed like to read next, knowing that in these very spaces we are encouraging others to become better readers. Lets get the discussion going in the comments below. I decided on whered you go bernadette by maria semple, because id seen that a lot of my favorite book bloggers really enjoyed it. This month, dan kois, emily bazelon, and meghan orourke discuss maria semples bestselling comic novel whered you go, bernadette. Telling a story of a 50yearold womans personal crisis through the voice of a 14yearold would have been problematic had it not been for the injections of the emails and reports written by grownups. Content includes books from bestselling, midlist and debut authors. Whered you go, bernadette by maria semple, paperback. Which part of the book did you find most interesting, and why.

Semple pictured is a tv comedy writer, and the pleasures of whered you go, bernadette are the pleasures of the best american tv. Who would you love to see play each character in the movie. Funny, sweet and a little sad but oh so rewarding to read. Working thesis alien world, where human life could not survive unless aided comparison to the documentary. The structure of the bookusing letters, emails, and memosadds an interesting twist as i try to sort out the characters. The sequel to me before you, which is now a major motion picture. I created a site called the women take over, where we celebrate all things feminism and feature inspirational women and men. I hope this site helps you whether you are looking for something interesting to read or leading a book club and need some material. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A novel topics for discussion maria semple this study guide consists of approximately 32 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of whered you go, bernadette. A misanthropic matriarch leaves her eccentric family in crisis when she mysteriously disappears in this whipsmart and. The novel begins with short, humorous emails between bernadette, and various recipients including mothers from her daughter, bees school, and her online personal assistant. If you havent read this book, heres why you should.

This book has overthetop humor laced with social commentary. Werfel was a jewish refugee who escaped nazi occupied europe via lourdes. Maria semple, author of whered you go, bernadette the. The great news is that whered you go, bernadette was released in 2012, but is still timely and relevant. Whered you go, bernadette is a sassy pageturner, filled with sardonic commentary on parenting, progressive schools, seattle, the life of the privileged, and more.

Bernadette by maria semple little, brown and company, hardcover, 9780316204279, july 2012, 336pp. Whered you go, bernadette moves toward the big screen. The books whered you go, bernadette by maria semple. Our summary page for whered you go bernadette by maria semple includes book club discussion questions, author website. I hope 20 is off to a great start for all of you and that you are enjoying whered you go, bernadette. Whered you go bernadette book club questions and recipe. Do you feel bernadettes disappearance was unique, or do all women, in a sense, disappear into motherhood and marriage. Screwball satire with a warm heart in bernadette in former television writer maria semples second novel, whered you go, bernadette, 15. Here are some questions to get you started in thinking about nonfiction books.

Visit our audio book club archive page for a complete list of the more than 70 books we. It stars cate blanchett, billy crudup, kristen wiig, judy greer, and laurence fishburne whered you go, bernadette was released on august 16, 2019, by. Celebrations, parties cynthia sutter january 29, 2016 laura chin, w3 book club, whered you go bernadette. Reading guide for whered you go, bernadette by maria semple discussion guide for book clubs. Complete summary of franz werfels the song of bernadette. The characters are not likable in the beginning or understandable, especially bernadette. Favorite quotes from whered you go, bernadette just me. A bestseller praised by numerous critics as one of the best books of the year, whered you go, bernadette is a fastpaced comic novel with a complex narrative. This discussion guide can be used for any audience that reads the book. The characters in whered you go, bernadette may be in real emotional pain, but semple has the wit and perspective and imagination to make their story hilarious. A lot of book clubs prefer to read books easily found at the library, and, by now, your library should have plenty of copies. See more ideas about whered you go bernadette, book club parties and book club books. Whered you go bernadette tells a humorous, yet emotional tale about 15 year old bees mother, bernadette, and her disappearance. To her microsoftguru husband, shes a fearlessly opinionated partner.

Whered you go, bernadette is a 2019 american mystery comedydrama film directed by richard linklater from a screenplay by linklater, holly gent, and vince palmo, based on the novel of the same name by maria semple. And if you fall into more than one of the above categories then you will. Im a book club nerd, reading books both for discussions and pleasure. The audio book club wonders whered you go, bernadette. For the 2019 film adaptation, see whered you go, bernadette film whered you go, bernadette is a 2012 epistolary comedy novel written by maria semple. Why do you think the author chose to tell the story from bees perspective. Whered you go, bernadette is, at its core, a story about a woman who disappears, both literally and figuratively. If you ve read this book i want to discuss it with you. The girl on the train by paula hawkins follow grab on twitter. These are the questions for whered you go, bernadette by from the little and brown website. Located around the south pole, antarctica covers an area of 5.

We spent some time in guernsey last year so ill be fascinated to see the movie set there. But bernadettes intensifying allergy to seattleand people in generalhas made her so agoraphobic that a virtual assistant in india now runs her most basic errands. A few years ago, we fell pretty hard for bernadette fox, the hilarious and a little unhinged heroine of maria semples novel whered you go, bernadette. It is narrated by her 15yearold daughter bee branch, and is told in a series of. Here are some questions for book clubs to use when reading, whered you go, bernadette. I enjoyed this book as a cosy read, with an interesting history of the occupation during world war ii and island setting. I read a lot of different genres but mostly fiction. Maria semple, the author of whered you go, bernadette, a sendup of privileged seattle, tells what she really thinks of that city. What themes seemed, to you, to be a concern the author had in writing the book. While causing readers to guffaw out loud frequently, it also manages to tug at our hearts in a backhanded, subtle manner as it contemplates questions of identity and unwavering trust.

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