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Make sure you download the pdf and the drumbeat below. I originally released a video breakdown of this bass riff a few years ago but have recently changed my method of both playing and teaching the line. Francis rocco prestia fingerstyle funk bass lesson. The performances feature both slap and fingerstyle funk bass, inspired by players. Though this is a sound many of us dig, we can often be at a loss as to how to build effective and nicesounding walking basslines on the guitar.

How to play fun great sounding slap bass lines following a stepbystep system. Weve already heard from louis johnson in the groove of the week series, examining his fingerstyle funk groove on michael mcdonalds i keep forgettin every time youre near, but it wouldnt be fair to let his contributions to the world of slap bass go unrecognised. Dont forget to hit the download resources button above to. Click here for ebook download info and instructions.

Loopmasters present funk bass, funk bass sample cd, slap bass samples, funky. These repeated notes can be quite hard to get at first as your fingers need to do a lot more work. Fingerstyle funk groove in a notice my usual use of open strings a and d for fast notedoubling. Well find them or write them ourselves after all, were bass. Berklee press fingerstyle funk bass lines berklee guide series softcover wi. So this funk bass groove is build mostly from the notes of an a7 chord, as well as some notes from an a minor pentatonic scale.

Bass lessons how to play funk for beginners bass tab text bass tab learn the song with the online tablature player by ben gibson funk the purpose of playing funk on a bass is the to be the backbone of the band. Fingerstyle funk bass building speed and stamina youtube. Part of this song is in 98 which is an odd time signature. Fingerstyle funk will completely overhaul your thinking of what can be played with ten fingers and six strings. Berklee press fingerstyle funk bass lines berklee guide. Pop funk bass line in c natural minor learn this bass line. If you have ever listened to any disco or funk bass lines by bands like tower of power, you will notice that the grooves tend to contain a lot of 16ths and double notes. So to start, heres the bass tablature for this riffand then ill break things down a little. When learning how to play jazz guitar, many of us are drawn to the coolsounding style of playing walking basslines on guitar while comping rhythm.

At last, bass players around the world are allowed a rare, indepth look into the style and technique of one of the most influential electric bassists of our time. Funk bass groove lesson funk stew breakdown stu hamm. This challenging study piece was written as a resource for working on uptempo fingerstyle funk grooves similar to those played by bassists such as jaco pastorius and rocco prestia. Take your bass playing to the next level with fingerstyle funk bass lines. Loopmasters present funk bass, funk bass sample cd, slap bass. Search for library items search for lists search for contacts search for a library. Makossa style african bass lesson download the bass tab.

Heres a cool funkypop bass line played using fingerstyle technique. This week were looking at the cool fingerstyle funk bass riff from the song the chinese way by level 42. Jeffrey thomas is teaching skype bass lessons, bringing over 24 years of teaching experience to the internet. Download tower of power this type of funk sheet music notes and chords for bass guitar tab. Learn how to play a fingerstyle funk bass line in the key of a. Each week on tuesday i release a new bass practice diary video, documenting something ive been working on in that week. Bass guitar lessons on skype allow the student to learn from the comfort of their home or office. In this lesson were going to focus on a style known as fingerstyle funk or finger funk, with the goal of developing both dexterity and accuracy in your playing. The most important and influential bass guitarist in the 66year history of the fender precision he played, south carolinaborn, detroitraised james jamerson wrote the bible on bass line construction and development, feel, syncopation, tone, touch, and phrasing, while raising the artistry of improvised bass playing in popular music to zenith levels. We already have a makossa bass tutorial, if you have followed that one, you might be already in the know about this originally cameroonian music genre, thats got very popular in nigeria. Joe santerre is an electric bassist, who plays primarily 6 string electric bass. If you remember, this genre is not strictly derived from the congolese soukous nor. Fingerstyle funk bass lines by softcover audio online. All the videos are free and available to everyone playlist videos with one click, free online youtube playlist downloader.

Music book learn the art of creating a solid fingerstyle funk bass groove, with 69 radio riffs, develop your own funk lines, learn the notes, scales and chords needed for funk bass lines. Use the download button below or simple online reader. Open quick view dialog for berklee press fingerstyle funk bass lines berklee guide series softcover with cd written by joe santerre incheckoutpromo. It is up to the player to make his strings bass etc. Berklee press fingerstyle funk bass lines thomann united. Fingerstyle funk bass playing can be found in many styles of modern music. Funk bass for beginners bass guitar lessons stu hamm. Funk music is challenging with regard to technique and note selection this text covers these important areas, in addition to sections on articulation, fingerstyle funk, slap style funk, listings of important scales and modes, playing with a drummer, moving between chords, plus a special section on soloing and variations on bass lines.

Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned bass player, this workshop will help you learn many of the bass lines and styles found in your favorite funk tunes, and inspire you to experiment with your own creations. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Download now all access students can stream truefires entire course library online or via our mobile apps, plus they get exclusive discounts on downloads and much, much more. L358 soulfunk fingerstyle bass groove, how to play bass youtube.

Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned bass player, this workshop will help you learn many of the bass lines and styles found in your favourite funk tunes, and inspire you to experiment with your own. Bass tabs big bass tabs free and accurate bass tablature. Sign up for our newsletter, the lowdown, and get the word on new products and happenings. Welcome to big bass tabs, the fast growing website with free and accurate bass tablature of all your favorite artists of every genre and era and new bass tabs every day couldnt find what youre looking for. The funk rock crossover genre as played by bands like the chili peppers, audioslave, stone temple pilots, the dave mathews group, rage against the machine and janes addiction is an exciting genre for bass players to play in. Audio is accessed online using the unique code inside the book and can be streamed or downloaded. Fingerstyle funk is typically centered around the 16th note, and many of the notes are muted.

Documents similar to francis rocco prestia fingerstyle funk bass lesson. The videos include bass lessons, performances, gear demos, hints and tips all targeted at 4, 5 and 6 string bass guitar players. Youll notice in the notation for this lesson that those muted notes are indicated with. There are 10 riffs which i think are classic bass lines that are easy to play and you can have a lot of fun with them and muck around with. Learn how to play the bass line to the crunge from the led zeppelin. Jul 20, 2018 one of the biggest things to understand about funk bass lines is that they are often. The 100 best bass players of all time guitar world. With your faithful fingerstyle guru at your side, jamsire ernoir aka ernie jackson, will teach you how to create insane grooves, layer chords over the groove, and play a melody over the top and then play it all at the same time. Joe is a member of the bass department at the berklee college of music. Learn the art of creating a solid fingerstyle funk bass groove. In addition to these complex fingerstyle lines, the piece also includes unison sections and chordal parts.

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